on baggy shorts

I love you, and you and I can watch movies. We straightened up the game room where the TV is on the second floor to make it cozy. Bring lots of sweaters and be cozy with me. No baggy shorts.

on alationships

Dear Will,

What? Um. I love you. And I want you to interview Zack and Cody if you have a chance. How is your jobs? How is your friends? I like your alationship with other people. I’m happy that you’re coming up here, and I want you to meet my friends. Zeda, Juliana, Trevor, Mary Liebert, and everybody. And I saw a movie today about these two twin brothers, about Zack and Cody, and about their girlfriend Debbie Ryan. Miranda Song, Woody, and their alationship with their friends and girlfriends and their alationship with each other and their Catholic faith. I really want to meet them in person so we can be like brothers and sisters, take them out, stuff like that. I really miss you Will. It makes me cry [voice wobbly] that you’re not up here to see us. But I AM happy that you’re gonna see my friends. So you can interview me and get on YouTube and after this I’m going to write an email to Justin Bieber with my dad. [Dad shakes head.] I mean tomorrow night. Two words: I love your face, and I hope you’re going to Mass. And your work. I meant his jobs.
Two hugs! Pop goes my heart!

on things like food and s… putting the dishes away.

Dear Pickle,

Did you meet new friends? Mmmm. Um. How is your job? How is your playwright? Um. We miss you a lot. I wish you can come up here. I want to get on YouTube again. I love my dad! Hahaha ha hanh. Still working in the kitchen making everybody happy and cheerful and they loving me back. Wheeewww. Have fun going out to dinner there. Oh. I want you to meet my best friend. She’s a girl and she’s a student up here and she’s a sophomore and she will be your perfect match. Mary Liebert. And she’s 21. Is she? And she and I were watching a movie but it didn’t take long and then we went out to dinner with my mom and dad. I had a taco salad and everyone else had pizza except for me. And I was jealous! And tonight dad’s going to make homemade popcorn at 9:15 and my schedule’s going to be on Tuesday and I’m going catering with my friend Nancy. Um. We’ve moved things like food and s… putting the dishes away. I think you and dad look alike. Ha HA HA. I miss and you and three cries. 
Pop goes my heart. HAHNH!

on your type

I miss you, uh, and I miss your friends. I’m going to out tonight with my friend and her roommates at her apartment and I really want you to date her because she is so beautiful, and she will be your type. I miss doing an interview on YouTube. OoooOooOOoo. Love, Julia.

on wyoming moths

I wish you all were here. It is beautifulWe have a hot tubI haven’t been in it, but Mom and Dad love it. I love going outside and looking at the mountains in our backyard. The only thing I hate are the moths. They are on all the screens at night. The love the light.

on all sorts of kinds of things

Hi Will it’s me um. I cannot wait to do an interview with you in the car… trip. We should talk about actresses and um actors and singers and I also want to talk about Shakespeare and all sorts of kind of things. And so. I really miss you a lot and tell your friends that I said a big hi, and tell them that I miss them so much and I miss you a lot. And I cannot wait to see you when you come up to Wyoming College. Talk to you soon, bye. 

on dreams and drinks

Joof: I’m happy that I’m going to Wyoming College, to have new experiences and make new friends and to support myself to prove that I’m the best and having a great time and having fun. Um, I love going a-hiking and watching movies and having nice popcorn. And just have fun and just working with old people, making drinks (dreams?) and talking about their lives and my life in the future.

Will: Did you say “drinks” or “dreams?” 

Joof: Dreams and drinks. 

The babies.

The babies.

What’s anything?

What? I’m not that good. 

Joof, as a baby, 26 years ago today. 

Joof, as a baby, 26 years ago today. 

Hi, I’m Justin Bieber. Um. Is Julia there?

This is my sister.